About Us
Native Edge was founded in 2016 by husband and wife team, Wes and Jackie Landon.  We're passionate about people, the environment, and design that works for both.  We started this business to fight for ecological principals in design, create captivating places across urban and natural environments, and deliver a personal, inclusive approach for our clients from initial concept development through project implementation.  As a landscape architect / aquatic biologist team, we're uniquely suited for the complex issues facing the environmental spectrum of design and landscape architecture, and are excited to assist you with your project!
Wesley Landon, ASLA
Jackie Landon, MS
Wesley Landon is a licensed landscape architect in the state of Michigan, and is the leader of the design studio.  Specializing in native design and placemaking, his passion is creating resilient, innovative places which inspire, and restore the native environmental fabric of the landscape. He has diverse professional experience – spanning park and open space design, to community visioning and downtown planning – and is adept at all phases of project development, from initial concept generation to construction documentation and administration.
Jackie Landon, is a professional wetland/aquatic biologist with 6 years of professional experience, working on environmental restoration projects from Alaska to Michigan, and is the leader of our environmental practice.  She received a Bachelors of Science in Biology in 2010 and Masters of Science in Aquatic Biology from Grand Valley State University in 2012.  Jackie uses her diverse background and insight to guide the development of our environmental projects, and create designs which have high ecological value and depth.