Our Services

Site Design + Master Planning

Our roots are in landscape architecture, so site design and master planning are our bread and butter. 

Our team excels at creating unique and dynamic designs which thoughtfully address the social, economic, and environmental needs of the site, discover hidden design opportunities, and bring our client's vision to life.

From a 100-acre master plan to a pocket park, every project has the potential to transform the lives of those who use and visit the site (both human and wild) and inspire visitors to think of the landscape as a living system - even in the most urban environments.  

We love projects of all shapes, sizes, and complexities.  

Native  Design + Installation

Install a native landscape - save the planet.

Installing a native landscape is one of the best and most accessible things the average homeowner, business, or municipality can do to help support local ecosystems and create a dynamic and beautiful landscape which will benefit the planet and their checkbook.

We absolutely love designing and installing native landscapes and have design options to fit every project type and budget.  
Ditch the lawn and install a low-maintenance landscape that supports the planet!  Doesn't hurt that it's beautiful to boot!

Environmental Consulting

We offer a variety of environmental consulting services to help our clients determine development and conservation opportunities and understand the natural communities in their project area.

Wetlands are dynamic environmental features which provide critical wildlife habitat and environmental services, and can add significant aesthetic, environmental, and functional value to your project.  Our team offers wetland delineation, reporting, and permitting services to help our client's navigate the regulatory process and review mitigation options if wetland impacts are necessary.​